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Dr. Samaha's frequently asked questions

Why does it take so long to get an appointment?

My practice population has aged and so my existing patients now require more appointments and more time to manage complex medical problems. Mental health is a large component of my practice and affects a significant number of my patients. Those patients are not able to access mental health services anywhere else due to lack of funding.

What if I’m sick and can’t wait 3-4 weeks to make an appointment?

Inform my staff the reason for your appointment and if your matter is urgent, they will provide you with an urgent time slot either the same day or the next day. Also, I offer walk in clinic services to my patients only at least once per week.

What if I work during the day and don’t want to take time off work to come in?

I do offer some evening and weekend hours. However, those are usually for urgent and quick matters. Physicals, pap tests, well baby checks etc… require a daytime appointment where nursing help is available. If you feel my work hours don’t meet your needs, it is best to find a new family doctor. In order to find a new family physician, you can visit the following website: https://www.ontario.ca/page/find-family-doctor-or-nurse-practitioner

What if I need a renewal on my medication but I can’t come in right now?

I can renew some medications via a faxed request from your pharmacy for a short time until you are able to come in. Please ask your pharmacy to fax me a request. In some cases and with certain medications, it is not appropriate to renew a medication without seeing you. In this case, my staff will offer you an appointment to renew it such that no interruption in your medications will occur.

Why can’t I just walk in for all my needs?

Walk in clinic visits are meant for quick urgent matters to avoid long wait times for everyone. They are not appropriate for multiple medical concerns. Multiple concerns can be addressed on a booked appointment.

Why does it take so long to get a physical appointment?

Routine “physicals” or “periodic health checks” are NONURGENT appointments done every few years to ensure you have all your appropriate screening done, vaccinations updated, blood work etc…. They do not need to be annual. Patients should not wait to address questions/symptoms/problems until their physical appointment. Those can be addressed on a regular appointment.

I have a walk in clinic right next to my house, why can’t I just go there when I need to?

The ministry of health has asked us to remind our patients of the importance of seeing their own family doctor whenever possible. Visiting your own family doctor ensures continuity of care and improves health outcomes for you. Walk in clinics may be convenient, but they will not look at your health record every time you come in to ensure nothing is being missed. It is in your best interest to see your own family doctor.